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The Dispute Resolution Center helps people in our community handle difficult situations.

our mission

The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) of Yakima and Kittitas Counties provides services and training for people to resolve disputes peacefully themselves.

our vision

Our goal is building strong, compassionate, and peaceful families, businesses, and communities.

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What We Do

We help families and individuals manage conflict.

We help parents navigate parenting plans and separation; we help landlords and tenants keep families in their homes; we help lending institutions find solutions with families facing foreclosure; we help workers and managers navigate conflict in the workplace; we help youth offenders reconcile with those they have hurt; we help small claims disputants avoid court costs…

Most importantly, we help ordinary people find their own solutions that result in peaceful outcomes. We provide a viable option to litigation which saved the court system $690,000 last year.

We help businesses and organizations manage change

Would your board benefit from setting priorities, or working through organizational change? Our facilitators are poised to provide you with strategic planning services.

Does your organization face changes in funding or leadership? Would it be helpful to explore a shift in your environment or business model that demands that you respond to new customers or new markets? We can help.

We help businesses and organizations manage conflict

Are you experiencing conflict on your board or on your staff? Our team of professional mediators, facilitators and trainers help community leaders and organizations work through challenges in the workplace.

We offer an excellent two-day skill-building seminar designed to equip HR professionals, managers, supervisors and workers with the tools they need to navigate their work environment.

Our team can also create a custom communication and conflict resolution training that works for you. Let us craft a skills training that works for your organization in the time you have.

We help businesses and organizations manage training

Let our professional mediators, facilitators and trainers deliver the specialized training you need. Let us help you manage your regular training schedule. We may be able to increase your organization’s efficiency by providing custom trainings at the intervals you set.

Would your board or staff benefit from annual training introducing them to your organizational culture? We would be happy to design skills-based training to help your new leadership or workers make a smooth transition into your workplace.


Thanks to our community partners:

Campus Compact Washington

Yakima Valley Community Foundation

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